The right physiotherapist is everything

Physiotherapy focuses on an individual and his/her community’s health and wellbeing by reducing pain, optimizing movement and preventing disability. Physiotherapists use various manual, electrotherapeutic techniques and exercise to achieve this. The most important area of focus for physiotherapy is pain affecting muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Naylor and Croy's physiotherapy provides a highly specialized service for corporate clients, professional and recreational athletes as well as the management of pre and post-operative rehabilitation.

Rene Naylor and Inge Croy are highly skilled physiotherapists with over 15 years experience.  They have completed their master's degrees in sports and manipulative therapy respectively.  They treat back and neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, as well as stress-related problems in a highly specialized and innovative way.  Rene is currently the physiotherapist of the Springbok Rugby team and Inge manages corporate clients and works with a pro golfer.

Naylor and Croy Physiotherapy's mission is to help those who seek professional service, without discrimination, fear or favour by giving an honest, competent and highly specialized service. Their professional competency is based on best practice and evidence-based medicine.

Sports Injuries

If you sustain a sports injury you can expect the following management:

  • Biomechanical assessment specific for your sport
  • Injury assessment and diagnosis
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Dry needling
  • Kinesio-taping

Exercise and rehabilitation could include the following:

  • Proprioception and balance training
  • Core muscle work
  • Strengthening and conditioning
  • Flexibility training
  • Sport specific drills
  • Return to play protocols

All athletes (e.g. runners, cyclists, rugby players, golfers, triathletes) can request an injury risk assessment and advice on recovery techniques and how to optimize performance.

Back pain & computer related injuires

Post-operative musculoskeletal conditions require intensive rehabilitation, to improve both range of movement and strength to ensure a full recovery. These programs are closely monitored and comply with the specific surgeons' requirements.The most common injuries are low back pain and cervical headaches. These can often result in chronic debilitating conditions if not addressed appropriately. Education and rehabilitation are considered to be an integral part of the management of these conditions.

The following management can be expected:

  • Injury assessment
  • Appropriate manual therapy techniques
  • Closely supervised specific exercise and rehabilitation program
  • Workstation assessment and ergonomic set-ups
  • Stress management

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